How to get to 12 Apostles from Melbourne

What are the 12 Apostles?

If you are in the Great Ocean Road region or Melbourne, visiting the 12 Apostles is a must thing to do for everyone. Located 275 kilometres west of Melbourne in the Port Campbell National Park the 12 Apostles rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean.

Originally the 12 Apostles were called the Sow and Piglets which refer to Mutton Bird Island and the surrounding rock formations in the east. They evolved from former caves which were formed by erosion. Due to harsh and extreme weather conditions the limestone cliffs eventually eroded and turned into caves. That caves turned into arches which collapsed eventually and left 12 rock stacks up to 50 metres. As those rock stacks have still been exposed to Mother Nature only 8 apostles remain after a fourth rock stack collapsed in 2005. 

Especially at sunrise as well as sunset the 12 Apostles reveal their entire beauty as they change their colours and provide you with an breathtaking experience. At all other times of the day they still come up with a great panorama worth seeing. 


How do I get there?

Road If you decide to take the road to see the 12 Apostles you are about to experience an unforgettable road trip driving the Great Ocean Road. The best thing you can do is to drive there by yourself either with your own vehicle or a hired one. If you don’t feel comfortable driving by yourself or you prefer to sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery then booking a tour would be the better option. Either way you will see on of the world’s most beautiful drives with its cliff hugging curves, rainforest and welcoming seaside villages. 

Public transport Getting to the 12 Apostles by public transport is possible but requires a bit planning in advance as different days mean different ways to get there. Jump on the train from Melbourne Southern Cross to Geelong from where the V-Line coach service takes you to the 12 Apostles on its way to Warrnambool. You have to consider though that only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday does the bus go there. On every other days does it terminate in Apollo Bay. 

Air You don’t feel like taking the same ordinary pictures or videos like countless other people did before you? You would rather be in an exclusive spot from where you have a spectacular view? Well, why not take a scenic flight then?! Not only will you be able to see the 12 Apostles you will also fly along side the entire Great Ocean Road and enjoy its sheer beauty from the birds perspective. Book a flight right here on this site and make sure that you will not miss out on an outstanding view of the 12 Apostles and the rest of the wonderful Great Ocean Road.